Is Interior Design Right For You?

Interested in a career in interior design? You’re not alone – tons of people around the world are pursuing jobs in this innovative field. As people are choosing to renovate their homes in increasing numbers, interior designers have consistent opportunities for work with home remodeling in West Virginia and beyond. Interior design is a great career choice, but is it right for you? Read on to find out.

Do you enjoy being creative?

One of the biggest reasons that people are drawn to interior design as a career is because it is a very creative field. While working in this job, you’ll be consistently using your training to solve problems and help clients express themselves through their homes. If you find that you consistently enjoy making things or developing new ideas, then you’ll likely get a lot of satisfaction out of being an interior designer?

Are you comfortable managing clients on your own?

Many interior designers run their own businesses, or at least manage their own set of clients within a larger business. If you are considering becoming an interior designer, it is very important that you are comfortable with managing your own clients and working for yourself in a sense. You’ll need to be able to set your own schedule and motivate yourself to work, instead of having a typical office job.

Do you have a good eye for style?

One of the most important skills that any talented interior designer should have is a great eye for style. As an interior designer, you should be able to create and find fashionable and appealing design elements and combine them in a way that suits your client’s tastes. You’ll also need to have a true passion for the home decor and construction industries, and be able to keep up with new trends and changes.

Do you like meeting new people?

As an interior designer, you’ll be working one-on-one with a variety of different clients. Because of this, you’ll need to be comfortable meeting new people and developing friendly professional relationships with them. It’s a perfect gig for someone who enjoys being social, but also enjoys taking on projects independently, because you get a nice balance of both.

Can you multitask effectively?

As an interior designer, you’ll be juggling a variety of different projects at once. You’ll need to be able to handle working on several tasks each day, often for clients with very different needs. Being able to work quickly and remember details will serve you well here, as you’ll get more done and make clients very happy.

If it sounds like being an interior designer would be a good fit for you, then the first step towards this goal is to take classes. Here at Valdosta Home School, we offer a variety of classes in interior design basics that can help you explore this subject. Classes are available for different skill levels and terms lengths. Contact us to find out more about this unique opportunity.